No Flow Devices

Device Overview

No flow devices detect lubrication system failures and shut down the compressor before costly damage can occur to the compressor.    Operating without meaningful system data, using inferior parts or relying on outdated technology is a high risk, low reward catastrophe waiting to happen.

CCT offers a wide range of reliable no flow devices starting with the state of the art proflo PF-1 which not only monitors system operation, it stores the system data for retrieval, analysis, and predictive maintenance.  The mid range proflo Jr. is a direct replacement for the old technology DNFT's.  It is designed for a long and trouble free life operating in even the harshest conditions.  At the entry level, CCT offers the capture proximity switch that provides basic no flow detection functionality and easily ties in with existing divider blocks and system control panels. CCT also stocks mechanical no-flow devices from Trabon/Graco, Lincoln and Kenco.

Click on these links below to learn how these devices are ready to start protecting your investment in reciprocating compressors.



Electronic No Flow Devices

CCT proflo PF1 CCT proFlo Jr. CCT capture proximity switch
proFlo PF1 proFlo Jr. Capture Proximity Switch

Mechanical No Flow Devices

Trabon/Graco Lube Sentry Lincoln Modular Lube Kenco No Flo Switch
Trabon/Graco Lube Sentry Lincoln Modular Lube Kenco